Coaches needed!

Dirty River Roller Derby is looking for coaches for the season 2019!

DRRD has two teams, and in 2019 the A team Föri Fighters will play in the Finnish National League (SM-sarja) and WFTDA sanctioned games both in Finland and in Europe. The B team Åbo B-ajs will be playing bouts and scrimmages against opponents on a similar skill level.

You can apply to do different coach tasks that suit you the best – you can for example bench coach, plan and run practices, or run a bootcamp. We are looking for different persons with different strengths and interests.

You can apply by sending an email to Tell us about yourself, about your roller derby and/or other sport experience/knowledge, what kind of coach you would be, and how you would be able to commit to the coaching of the team(s). Mention also whether you would like to coach both our A or B teams or just one of them. We also expect you to read and commit to our values.

You can apply until 31.12.2018!

Dirty River is looking for opponents!

Dirty River Roller Derby is looking for opponents for both the A team and the B team!


Dirty River playing against Kouvola last May. Wanna be our next opponent? Photo by Ville Päivätie / Star Pass Photos

Our A team Föri Fighters is looking for international opponents for WFTDA Sanctioned games (a mini-tournament) in Turku, Finland on the 8th of December. Our June 2018 WFTDA ranking is 204.

Our B team Åbo B-ajs is looking for opponents for games and scrimmages this autumn. B-ajs is our recently re-founded B team with a diverse group of players: many have skated for years but some have not played a game yet. Åbo B-ajs would like to play teams who are on a similar level.

Interested? Send us a message on Facebook or email us!

DRRD etsii valmentajia!

Valmentajia haussa ensi kaudelle – oletko se sinä?

Seuramme Dirty River Roller Derby etsii edustusjoukkueilleen valmentajia kaudelle 2018-2019. Dirty River Roller Derbyssä on kaksi joukkuetta, jotka edustavat seuraa. A-joukkue Föri Fighters pelaa tulevalla kaudella SM-sarjaa ja WFTDA-sanktioituja pelejä kotimaassa ja ulkomailla. B-joukkue Åbo B-ajs on uusi, keväällä 2018 uudelleen perustettu joukkue, joka etsii tasoisiaan vastustajia Suomesta ja mahdollisesti ulkomailta.

Joukkueiden valmennukseen toivotaan useampia valmentajia, jotka jakavat valmentamiseen liittyvät vastuut sekä tehtävät yhdessä valmennustiimin ja joukkueiden kapteenien kesken. Valmentajien tehtäviin voi kuulua esimerkiksi peleissä penkkivalmentajana toimiminen, treenien ajoittainen suunnittelu ja vetäminen sekä sitoutuminen joukkueiden tavoitteiden edistämiseen. Tehtävät sovelletaan henkilön kiinnostuksen kohteiden, resurssien ja joukkueiden tarpeiden mukaan.

Toivomme hakemuksia erilaisilta valmentajaehdokkailta. Otamme huomioon hakemukset myös vain syyskaudeksi, yksittäisiin peleihin tai turnauksiin tai kertaluonteisesti vaikkapa bootcampin muodossa. Laita rohkeasti hakemus tulemaan, niin katsotaan yhdessä, mitä juuri sinulla voisi olla annettavana meille ja meillä sinulle!

Pyydämme vapaamuotoiset hakemukset osoitteeseen treenit.drrg@gmail.comKerro hakemuksessasi esimerkiksi urheilu- ja/tai roller derby -taustastasi, millainen tyyppi olisit valmentajana ja minkälaiset resurssit sinulla olisi sitoutua joukkueiden/joukkueen valmennukseen. Mainitse myös, mikäli olet kiinnostunut vain A- tai B-joukkueen valmennuksesta. Käythän myös tutustumassa seuramme arvoihin.

Haku on auki 25.7.2018 asti!

Coach – we want you!


Coach – we want you!

Are you passionate about sports, and an overall inspiring person? Do you know how to appreciate and bring together different types of people, get them to work together, and give spark to the flame of the game?

Dirty River Roller Grrrls’ A-team Föri Fighters is looking for new coaches. Eligibility criteria: being able to be regularly present at team practice, planning and running practice occasionally, the desire to learn new things, familiarizing oneself with the sport of roller derby, as well as the commitment to the present and up-coming seasons. Föri Fighters play at the national level in Suomi Cup. The coaches should also be prepared for overseas trips which happen usually 2-3 times a year. Knowledge of and interest in WFTDA rankings and planning is a bonus! Föriverförever!

B-team Åbo B-ajs is also looking for new coaches. B-ajs play abroad 1-2 times a year, in addition to different tournaments in Finland. The coach/es should have basic knowledge of roller derby, and an interest to coach a team where skill levels can vary. The coach/es are expected to attend B-team practice regularly, also to plan and run practice. Bajs up your life!

If this announcement made your heart beat faster, send us a message: treenit.drrg (at)



PROUD TO B OUT was a great success! Games were thrillingly even and we want to continue this B-team action in Finland. With B-teams this good Finnish roller derby will rule the world in no time! Such a blast! Such talented new players all the teams have! Such wow!

This time Tampere and Helsinki won but DRRG! and Kallio will make a revenge asap. In addition Åbo B-ajs made it straight to 112th place in European Flat Track Stats! Such win!

The scores were:

TRD B 247 – 236 KRR B
DRRG! B 131 – 148 HRD B

The following skaters were awarded by the opposing teams:

TRD Tampere Howlin’ Rolls:
Best jammer Zero Holerance 0H0
Best blocker La Femme Hokita 7
MVP Arja Horiseva 9

KRR Kinapori Fistfunkers:
Best jammer Pikanté 1314
Best blocker Michelle Knifer 742
MVP Miss Chief 13

HRD Queen B’s:
Best jammer Mirka Virolainen 17
Best blocker Kati Kyyrö 9
MVP Henska 72

DRRG! Åbo B-ajs:
Best jammer Mad Moxxi 11
Best blocker Mömmö 98
MVP Forrest Cunt 44

Congratulations to all! We all were winners!

New head officials

Dirty River Roller Grrrls has now appointed new head officials: L. Van Bitchoven as head referee and Messi Ass as head nso. Ludde and Messi will sure raise the officiating of Dirty River to a whole new level!