PROUD TO B OUT was a great success! Games were thrillingly even and we want to continue this B-team action in Finland. With B-teams this good Finnish roller derby will rule the world in no time! Such a blast! Such talented new players all the teams have! Such wow!

This time Tampere and Helsinki won but DRRG! and Kallio will make a revenge asap. In addition Åbo B-ajs made it straight to 112th place in European Flat Track Stats! Such win!

The scores were:

TRD B 247 – 236 KRR B
DRRG! B 131 – 148 HRD B

The following skaters were awarded by the opposing teams:

TRD Tampere Howlin’ Rolls:
Best jammer Zero Holerance 0H0
Best blocker La Femme Hokita 7
MVP Arja Horiseva 9

KRR Kinapori Fistfunkers:
Best jammer Pikanté 1314
Best blocker Michelle Knifer 742
MVP Miss Chief 13

HRD Queen B’s:
Best jammer Mirka Virolainen 17
Best blocker Kati Kyyrö 9
MVP Henska 72

DRRG! Åbo B-ajs:
Best jammer Mad Moxxi 11
Best blocker Mömmö 98
MVP Forrest Cunt 44

Congratulations to all! We all were winners!