Dirty River is looking for opponents!

Dirty River Roller Derby is looking for opponents for both the A team and the B team!


Dirty River playing against Kouvola last May. Wanna be our next opponent? Photo by Ville Päivätie / Star Pass Photos

Our A team Föri Fighters is looking for international opponents for WFTDA Sanctioned games (a mini-tournament) in Turku, Finland on the 8th of December. Our June 2018 WFTDA ranking is 204.

Our B team Åbo B-ajs is looking for opponents for games and scrimmages this autumn. B-ajs is our recently re-founded B team with a diverse group of players: many have skated for years but some have not played a game yet. Åbo B-ajs would like to play teams who are on a similar level.

Interested? Send us a message on Facebook or email us!