Player introduction: Razor Leaf

Razor Leaf, #88 (they/them)

“Hi! I’m Leaf and I’ve played as a jammer since 2019. I’m excluding a few years that I missed inbetween, but I’ve now returned and am back in the team! I adore the fun of derby and how it engages your entire body. A previous partner of mine in HRD got me into derby, which I am very thankful for. When it comes to playing, agility is definitely my strong suit. So far, my favourite memory is my first game, where I was so nervous, yet so excited! I just slammed some glitter onto my face and gave it my best. A fun and not so secret fact about me is that I indeed love glitter. 😎✨

Player introduction: Memento Mori

Memento Mori, #13 (she/they)

“I’ve played derby since February 2017. I play as a blocker and mainly as a brace, but I’ve done some offence playing too! I’m good at communicating and reading the game. What I love about roller derby is its intensity and how fun it is! I also love its people and the anti-discriminatory values. I never believed I would enjoy team sports until I found derby!”

Player introduction: The Grim

The Grim, #394 (She/her)

“I started beginners phase in the fall and this spring I got to the team. Jamming and blocking are both super fun.

I heard about roller derby, of course, by watching the well known movie whip it. Moving to Turku got me finally into the sport ❤

Roller derby has everything I have wanted… Community, competing, roller skating and contact!

Fun fact about me… I’m obsessed about Harry Potter✨🖤💛

Player introduction: Hälinä

Hälinä, #505 (she/her)

“I have always been very skeptical about sports, especially team and contact sports. Naturally, of all possible sports, I decided to try roller derby last autumn, and I was sold on it right away. I’m fascinated by every aspect of derby: people are wonderful, the community is accepting and supportive, and playing is so much fun! It’s also cool that derby seems really rough from the outside point of view. 😎 At the moment, I want to learn to play in all positions, but perhaps sometime later I’ll specialize in something specific. Although I don’t have so many memories of derby yet, the most fun thing so far has been to play my first scrimmage outside of our own league in Porvoo!”

Player introduction: Hellinen

Hellinen, #338 (she/her)

“I started the beginners’ course in January 2014 with Kuopio Roller Derby and my primary aim was to learn how to skate. Quite soon I fell in love with the sport, but also realized that the best about derby are the people. I’ve played mainly as a blocker or pivot, but occasionally also jammed. Nowadays I’m most comfortable as a blocker. I’ve had many good memories playing derby, but maybe one of the most special one was playing in Sweden’s Championship games in 2019 with Uppsala Roller Derby I hope to make several new memories with my current team! 😊

Player introduction: Seitan

Seitan, #666 (She/They)

“I have been playing mainly as a jammer. My strengths lie in my endurance and fast feet. I’ve been playing roller derby for eight or nine years (minus corona-years). I got into derby because l had heard it was fun (and it was!). I love that it’s a sport where you sweat and meet many wonderful people.”

Player introduction: Annette

Annette, #7 (she, her)

I have played Roller Derby since 2012. During the years I’ve had two children, so I haven’t skated the entire time.
I got into derby after watching the movie Whip it. I fell in love with the sport immediately. I like how physical, fast-paced and social Roller Derby is. The practices and games are always great fun.
The best thing about this sport are the people ❤️.
I like to play both as a jammer and a blocker. I can’t decide which I like better.

Fun fact: I entertain myself with all kinds of trivia. For example I can remember all Finnish Presidents and their respective terms of office.

Player introduction: Ränni

Ränni, #233 (She/Her)

“I started playing derby in the fall 2021 when I finally got some more freetime after graduation. I had found derby earlier on social media and it came to my mind when I started to look for a new hobby in the summer. Derby combines in a very interesting way sports, having fun, community and it gives you the nice spice of adrenaline and excitement. At the moment I am interested in playing as a jammer but let’s see what future games bring!

Fun fact: I’ve been told that as animals I remind people of an otter or ermine!”

Player introduction: Jännä

Jännä, #27 (she/her)

“I’m playing as blocker, outside butt is my preference! My strength lies definitely in my good mood, I try to cheer others at practice and be there for them mentally and physically on the track!
Best thing about derby is that everyone is welcome, no matter of your size, sport backround, age, gender or what ever, there is always a place for you.

Fun fact: I got recruited from a pub.”

Player introduction: catnip everbean

catnip everbean, #1312 (she/her)

“I noticed DRRD’s open skate event during a Turku Pride week, went there and it was so much fun that I signed up for a beginners’ course! 😻
I love the community and I feel like I can be myself in it. Roller derby has taught me a lot about myself, my boundaries and being part of a caring community <3
As a player, I try to be encouraging and supportive and help create a safe environment for everyone. On the track I’m quite calm and stable and can play any position.
Playing roller derby has already given me so many great memories. I really loved my beginners’ course and there’s a special place in my heart for the people that were there.”