Coach – we want you!


Coach – we want you!

Are you passionate about sports, and an overall inspiring person? Do you know how to appreciate and bring together different types of people, get them to work together, and give spark to the flame of the game?

Dirty River Roller Grrrls’ A-team Föri Fighters is looking for new coaches. Eligibility criteria: being able to be regularly present at team practice, planning and running practice occasionally, the desire to learn new things, familiarizing oneself with the sport of roller derby, as well as the commitment to the present and up-coming seasons. Föri Fighters play at the national level in Suomi Cup. The coaches should also be prepared for overseas trips which happen usually 2-3 times a year. Knowledge of and interest in WFTDA rankings and planning is a bonus! Föriverförever!

B-team Åbo B-ajs is also looking for new coaches. B-ajs play abroad 1-2 times a year, in addition to different tournaments in Finland. The coach/es should have basic knowledge of roller derby, and an interest to coach a team where skill levels can vary. The coach/es are expected to attend B-team practice regularly, also to plan and run practice. Bajs up your life!

If this announcement made your heart beat faster, send us a message: treenit.drrg (at)