Coach – we want you!

Are you passionate about sports and an inspiring person? Can you bring people together, make them work together and succeed together? Dirty River Roller Derby is looking for new coaches. We are hoping to get 1–3 coaches, who could share the responsibilities and tasks of coaching. The sharing is done by coaches themselves.

The tasks of coaching consist of being present in team’s practices and occasionally planning and running the practices together with the coaching group. We hope that the members of the coaching group have an enthusiastic attitude towards learning new things, skill of working together and ability to inspire. Obviously, basic knowledge of roller derby is also desired!

The coaching should be interested in getting to know also the international governing body of roller derby, WTFDA, and its rankings, and be able to plan the team’s future games with that in mind.

DRRD has currently one competitive team which represents the league. At the moment the team does not play in the SM series but participating in it is possible in the future. Formerly we have aimed to play WTFDA-sanctioned games also abroad.

The players of the team are on different skill and experience levels, so it is important that the coaching is able to coach players both as a team but also as an individual.

Everyone participating in DRRD activities should read and commit to our values:

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