Player introduction: Warjo

Warjo, #101 (She/her)

I am a blocker, I guess. 😅 I started roller derby this April on a beginners’ course, so I havent played that long at all. I got into it because I saw a picture on Instagram, started googling roller derby, watched a bunch of games on Youtube and very soon I e-mailed our league to ask when can I join. 😄 It’s the most fun I’ve had doing any kind of sports. I don’t think there have been any practices when I haven’t laughed! Roller derby is very challenging and fast paced, but it’s the best feeling when you succeed in something. People are SO nice! And I feel 😎cool😎 when I tell people about roller derby (not so much on the track hehe).

Fun fact: Last spring my pupils awarded me with the title ‘Most Fashionable’. đŸ€